NESS Friendship Skills

It’s important to know what to do when you have a conflict at school. Whether you are teen, tween, or younger there are things that you can do to settle a problem. At NESS, from K-12, these are the general steps that students and parents can take if they have a problem at school.

Discipline vs Punishment (Barbara Coloroso, YouTube)

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NESS Growth Plan

It’s that time of year when all principals start thinking about the school growth plan. We need advice to help us see where to go next. A school growth plan could be created just for the next year, but more often it is a vision that carries forward three, five or ten years into the future. As we know decisions made today can have lasting effects for a very long time. This is why, as a principal, it is important to find out as much as I can about what people think and how they feel about their learning. Even though growth plans can create long term effects, it is crucial that we all remember that growth plans are also ever changing. They are a little bit like trees that we fertilize with our dreams and prune every year to ensure strong growth. If you are interested in adding your voice to the NESS growth plan, please click on the link below and complete the 10 question survey. (All answers are anonymous.) Students parents, staff and community members are invited to participate. Remember while participating, however, that surveys are meant to gather feedback about ideas. Major changes in our school environment will not take place without further inquiry. If the survey questions don’t address your interests or concerns then feel free to email the principal at

School Growth Survey

Catch you next year, Yuletide Carol

DSC_7731There are times during the school year when you could swear that nothing happens at all. If your parents were to ask you, for example, what you did in school you might shrug your shoulders and mumble, “Nothing.” Even teachers forget what goes on at work, when they stumble home from the daily grind in the dark of winter. Luckily, we have the miracle of digital photography to remind us that stuff does happen, even when we forget. Art projects, guest artists like Tribal Vision Dance and Metaphor, Hallow’een, dancing to Thriller, Unity Day, Remembrance Day, math contests, and gingerbread math, not to mention the Christmas Coffee House and the Christmas Concert were all part of our 2013 memories. Continue reading