Brain Games in Winter: Ying to Yang

Do you ever get the feeling that your brain is hibernating? That, as surely as the snow falls, your gray matter has finished snacking on cerebral salmon and is now quietly snoozing in a cozy, dark cave? Alarmingly, there ARE days when the idiom, “Use it or lose it!”, rings uncomfortably true. Waking up is hard to do, but here’s a fun way to tease those brain cells back into action. Change the word WET to DRY by adding, dropping or changing one letter at a time. Score one point for each change, with the lowest total score winning. Want more? Try changing HOT to COLD; SLOW to FAST; UP to DOWN; IN to OUT. Need a hint to get started? Read more below.

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Estimation: an essential math skill

How many leaves are there?

Estimate how many leaves are in the photo. First, divide the photo into an equal number of squares. Then count the number of leaves in one square. Multiply the number of leaves in the one square by the number of squares that you have. Your answer is your calculated estimation of the number of leaves in the picture. Read further to find out the answer to the estimation question. Continue reading