Bookmark April 29th and 30th

Are your kids bored? Do they need a project? Print these handy bookmarks for them to colour. Don’t forget to save the dates and times of the Scholastic Book Fair. Share, share, share this event on Facebook, by word of mouth, over the VHF and remember … “the more you read the more things you know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go (Dr. Seuss)”.

Book Fair & Coffee House

Book Fair & Coffee House

Scholastic Book Fair ~ April 29th!

Please feel free to share this event through word of mouth or email to anyone in the Valley or area who would like to attend. We will also accept preorders if they are paid for. I’m attaching the link so that people can check out the flyers supplied by Scholastic. The book fair will have books appropriate for pre-readers up to teens.¬†New Link

The Grads and the NESS Spirit Club (our faithful non-graduating helpers) are organizing a book fair and a coffee house.

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Yanging Out at Commencement 2012

One of the happy surprises for the day was the appearance of Mr. Kevin Yang, former music teacher at NESS. Mr. Yang flew in on the Friday before Commencement, came to the ceremony, then travelled to Lakalzap for the “grad” dinner, before flying home on Sunday morning. Students were more than thrilled to have their former teacher join their celebration. One of the highlights of the dinner in Lakalzap was the Jazz Band, who were accompanied by Mr. Yang and assisted by Mr. Johnson. It was a bitter sweet moment for guests, knowing that this would be one of the last times they would hear this particular group of musicians play together. (Read further to see more pictures from the 2012 Commencement.) Continue reading

Savor the Sweet Sound of Serendipity

Smokin’ hot jazz was the highlight of the evening, Wednesday, November 30th. Certainly, the NESS Jazz Band beat the winter blues along with guest percussionist, Maria Tait. ¬†Missed Serendipity Cafe? Well don’t fret – Serendipity presents the CANS film festival on Wednesday, December 7. Continue reading