Arts and Culture Week at NESS

Mr. Gary Davis opens the feast.

Students, staff and teachers have pulled together at NESS this year to work on two big projects to celebrate art and culture.

Ms. Allain’s art classes are creating a mural from shoe impressions taken of all students, staff and community elders, while Ms. Swinn’s writing class is producing an anthology of student writing (SOUL IMPRESSIONS) following the theme of “journey”.  If you haven’t had a chance to step on a piece of clay, then mosey on down to the art room. And while you’re at it, stop by room 309 to share your journey with Ms. Swinn and the writing class. They are looking for submissions of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. The deadline is May 31st.

Kicking off the projects, was an enthusiastic and tasty feast/coffee house. Students invited elders from all of the Nass Valley communities, and cooked a traditional feast for them. Many thanks to the students and teachers for their efforts. The feast was appreciated by everyone. Following the feast, was a coffee house in which students from kindergarten to grade 12 took part. Singing, poetry reading, and rapping filled the gym and the halls, and everyone had a great time. Talent at NESS is flourishing! Keep your ears tuned for another coffee house in June. We will be celebrating the culmination of our Arts and Culture Week projects. (More photos attached below.)

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A picture is worth a thousand words


Observe the painting. Look at the painting for inspiration. As a class, construct the first few sentences, then the first paragraph of a story, through group discussion and suggestion. Add to the paragraph by passing the story around until it is complete. The process is repeated including as many Continue reading