NESS attends Day 1 of the Education Convention

Congratulations to all of the staff and students of Nisga’a Elementary Secondary School for your contributions to the Education Convention held today at the Gitlaxt’aamiks Recreation Centre. Although not all students or staff could attend the event it was a group effort that made it possible for representatives from the school to attend. Below are some pictures taken during the afternoon, (and a great example of learning by doing. I

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Valentine’s Dance … finally

IMG_8532I apologize for not getting this pictures up sooner. The end of February and the beginning of March blew by so quickly that I just didn’t have time to open my camera bag let alone export and upload pictures. These copies are in the smallest format to make uploading to the web easier. If you want a copy of the picture for yourself that is a better quality then email

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Catch you next year, Yuletide Carol

DSC_7731There are times during the school year when you could swear that nothing happens at all. If your parents were to ask you, for example, what you did in school you might shrug your shoulders and mumble, “Nothing.” Even teachers forget what goes on at work, when they stumble home from the daily grind in the dark of winter. Luckily, we have the miracle of digital photography to remind us that stuff does happen, even when we forget. Art projects, guest artists like Tribal Vision Dance and Metaphor, Hallow’een, dancing to Thriller, Unity Day, Remembrance Day, math contests, and gingerbread math, not to mention the Christmas Coffee House and the Christmas Concert were all part of our 2013 memories. Continue reading