Scholastic Book Fair ~ April 29th!

Please feel free to share this event through word of mouth or email to anyone in the Valley or area who would like to attend. We will also accept preorders if they are paid for. I’m attaching the link so that people can check out the flyers supplied by Scholastic. The book fair will have books appropriate for pre-readers up to teens. New Link

The Grads and the NESS Spirit Club (our faithful non-graduating helpers) are organizing a book fair and a coffee house.

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A leaf in the forest speaks…

Ji siix-mukws n̓iin

Listen carefully


A leaf in the forest is not something that’s given a second thought

It isn’t something that is significant

It’s actually the opposite

It floats, falls,  flutters gracefully to the ground


to be put with the ones before it

Soon to be forgotten and left alone

It will only be remembered if it can stick out among the others

if it can be unique

Alone singular unusual, but extremely special


in it’s own aspect

(Creative Writing – grade 9 student)

To read more writing by NESS students, visit  creativeNESS .