Serendipity Cafe TONIGHT!!!

The coffee house we’ve all been waiting for is ready to go. Buses are running, and will be picking up participants, family members and friends who need a ride to and from the high school. If your name isn’t on the bus schedule, contact the school or Mrs. Swinn before noon today. The bus schedule is:

Gingolx:   5:30

Laxgaltsap: 6:15

Gitwinksihlkw: 6:45

NESS to home: 9:00

CANS cancelled until after the New Year

Due to conflicting schedules, technical problems with videos and lack of sign up, CANS and Serendipity Cafe have been cancelled until after the New Year. Hopefully, February will be a better time of year to run this event. Students interested in submitting a video for the February event should see Ms. Swinn, Ms. Allain or Mr. Johnson. The CANS committee are also looking for entertainers to open the event and to play at the mid-point.

CANS Film Festival This Wednesday Night

Poster by Andrea Adams

SERENDIPITY CAFE is proud to host the first NESS Film Festival. The cost of admission is a canned food item which will be donated to the Terrace Homeless Shelter in time for Christmas. Students, parents, family and friends are invited to NESS on December 7, 2011 for the CANS Film Festival. Continue reading

Savor the Sweet Sound of Serendipity

Smokin’ hot jazz was the highlight of the evening, Wednesday, November 30th. Certainly, the NESS Jazz Band beat the winter blues along with guest percussionist, Maria Tait.  Missed Serendipity Cafe? Well don’t fret – Serendipity presents the CANS film festival on Wednesday, December 7. Continue reading