The Human Statues spreading jubilation across the nation!

Spreading jubilation

Welcoming “The Human Statues”, students of the Nass Valley “got down” to the retro folk/pop vibes on Monday morning. The dynamic duo are on a mission to spread jubilation throughout the nation, and jubilation was certainly spread in the gym of Nisga’a Elementary Secondary School. Heartfelt appreciation is also felt for the gift of a CD to the school; Jeff Bryant and Zach Stevenson generously waived copyright for the students to be able to have copies of their music.¬†Students are encouraged to check out the group’s page on Facebook where they will find more youtube videos and photos; alternatively students can also check out The Human Statues website at the following link:¬†.¬†Undoubtedly, a new generation of fans has been born today. If you do visit “The Human Statues” Facebook page, don’t forget to mention the T-shirts!

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