To Google Doc or To Not Google Doc?

What is Google Doc and why would you want to “doc”, let alone “google”? For people not familiar with computers, the advantages of googling may be a mystery. Creating a google account will provide you with the opportunity to not only email your friends and surf the net, but to also save your work online and collaborate with other students and colleagues. Google Doc is an online word processing application, very similar to Microsoft Word or Word Perfect. The advantages of using Google Doc are many fold. First, a google document is saved automatically after every change that you make. If you have suffered the agony of working on an assignment for hours ONLY to have it disappear for no reason without saving, then you can appreciate the value of a document that saves itself without you doing any thing. Second, your document is saved in Google, an online server, which means that your work is available anywhere you have internet. No longer do you need to search your pockets for that elusive thumb drive. (Nor do you have to worry about leaving that pesky USB in your pocket when you do the laundry.) Third, and equally as important, you can SHARE your document with other people in google docs. This means that, as students and teachers, we can easily work on group assignments and never worry about opening our email, fiddling with attachments, or waiting until our colleagues have read and finished editing our work. We can, literally, work on the same document at the same time. Cool, eh? Check it out at google.


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