Claymation video- Txeemsim and the Nisga’a Fisherman (NESS Grade 5/6 class)

  • Presentation on Claymation by Teresa McMillan (gr. 5/6 teacher) and Ed McMillan(semi-retired), Nisga’a Elementary School District #92 (Nisga’a)
  • Learning, engagement, and pride all grow when students make their own claymation movies to retell traditional First Nations stories. Students (especially boys and students at risk) find this method of demonstrating their knowledge to be very exciting and engaging. Learn how to work with students through every stage of the process from developing a simple storyboard using a traditional story, creating the characters, using technology to film, edit, add audio, and evaluate the claymation.
  • Download the keynote presentation here.  Please unzip and view.
  • Claymation Keynote