Haida Gwai – Grade 7 trip

Mrs. Teresa McMillan returns from Haida Gwai with a group of happy, yet tired, students. The school group, along with community members, practiced dancing all year so that they would be prepared to perform for our island neighbours. Before leaving on their odyssey, Mrs. McMillan’s class performed for teachers, and interested community members who couldn’t resist getting up to join them. We are so lucky, here at NESS, to have such talented people representing our school. Click below to see more pictures from the Haida trip. Continue reading “Haida Gwai – Grade 7 trip”

Yanging Out at Commencement 2012

One of the happy surprises for the day was the appearance of Mr. Kevin Yang, former music teacher at NESS. Mr. Yang flew in on the Friday before Commencement, came to the ceremony, then travelled to Lakalzap for the “grad” dinner, before flying home on Sunday morning. Students were more than thrilled to have their former teacher join their celebration. One of the highlights of the dinner in Lakalzap was the Jazz Band, who were accompanied by Mr. Yang and assisted by Mr. Johnson. It was a bitter sweet moment for guests, knowing that this would be one of the last times they would hear this particular group of musicians play together. (Read further to see more pictures from the 2012 Commencement.) Continue reading “Yanging Out at Commencement 2012”

Commencement Ceremonies 2012

Brea Newman - Valedictorian

Commencement 2012 went off without a hitch. Even the sun came out to take part in the ceremonies. Students, both male and female, made a striking picture in their gowns and suits. Some people were heard to murmur, “Why don’t they dress like that all the time?” It’s true. Our kids clean up well. Best of wishes from all of the staff at NESS to all of our young people who “crossed the bridge” into adult life. We’ll miss you next year, for sure. Click below to see more pictures from the Commencement Ceremonies. Continue reading “Commencement Ceremonies 2012”