Serendipity Cafe TONIGHT!!!

The coffee house we’ve all been waiting for is ready to go. Buses are running, and will be picking up participants, family members and friends who need a ride to and from the high school. If your name isn’t on the bus schedule, contact the school or Mrs. Swinn before noon today. The bus schedule is:

Gingolx:   5:30

Laxgaltsap: 6:15

Gitwinksihlkw: 6:45

NESS to home: 9:00

MARCH Experiential Days at NESS Secondary

December 2011 Experiential Day

The Action Plan for goal #2 of The NESS Growth Plan for 2011-12 calls for:

  • “Learning experiences that reflect traditional and modern Nisgaa practices, including those that support economic activity, be provided to students by integrating them into existing courses of studies” and that blocks of days “deliver “hands-on” learning activities to students. These days will offer students a choice of Nisgaa cultural activities, science and sports experiences, career training modules and other field experiences.” Continue reading “MARCH Experiential Days at NESS Secondary”