The Human Statues spreading jubilation across the nation!

Spreading jubilation

Welcoming “The Human Statues”, students of the Nass Valley “got down” to the retro folk/pop vibes on Monday morning. The dynamic duo are on a mission to spread jubilation throughout the nation, and jubilation was certainly spread in the gym of Nisga’a Elementary Secondary School. Heartfelt appreciation is also felt for the gift of a CD to the school; Jeff Bryant and Zach Stevenson generously waived copyright for the students to be able to have copies of their music.¬†Students are Continue reading “The Human Statues spreading jubilation across the nation!”

Grupo Axe Capoeira Comes to NESS

Grupo Axe Capoeira (Groopo Aashay Cap-Oh-Air-A) Axe Capoeira Vancouver 2011¬†has been performing worldwide since its beginnings in Brazil. The group made its Canadian debut at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival in 1990. Featuring traditional capoeira music as well as upbeat Brazilian vocals and instrumentals, the performance showcases capoeiristas and dancers at the height of their skill. Continue reading “Grupo Axe Capoeira Comes to NESS”